Harmony launches Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT PassportBengaluru, February 19, 2022: The Bored Ape Yacht Club Passport was unveiled on Friday by blockchain network known as Harmony, which mainnet relies on the ETH network as well as claims the fees that is 1000x cheaper than Ethereum. The Passport allows users to input the apes inside Kingdoms of DeFi, a P2E game including over 1.2 lakhs active users on monthly basis based on the Harmony blockchain. 

About BAYC

The BAYC is really a set of 10k distinctive Bored Ape NFTs. The BAYC, like there is something connected to NFTs, is contentious. People who own these sell NFT paintings are immensely jealous of monkey owners, while those who have not are perplexed and distrustful. Many of its achievements are attributed towards the arts, though not all of them.

Its own celebrity-studded list contains Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, and Post Malone. Users can currently pay for a BAYC NFT for 52 ether, or $210,000, which is the lowest price.

Since cross-chain innovation is still very much in development, monies could be at danger while crossing among networks, as illustrated by the year’s largest decentralised financial assault. Harmony’s Passport, but at the other side, somehow doesn’t transfer assets; instead, it certifies ownership of assets across many blockchain systems, guaranteeing its legality through. Horizon, a company’s cross-chain gateway, now serves Harmony, Eth, the BNB Network, and several other blockchain – based.

Leo Chen, a Harmony member of the team, clarified:

“We intended to provide additional functionality additional alternatives for NFT owners to exhibit their NFTs as well as interact in the Multiverse.” The very first selections were BAYC members. The cross-chain identification provides a safe as well as simple means for them to do that without placing their resources at danger.”