There are many new projects entering the crypto and web3 market in 2023. While these new updates are exciting, with an amplified number of novel projects, as users you also need to put in more effort in finding a good protocol out of the huge supply. One project that we think has a lot of potential and could boom in the near future is Ethermail.

Ethermail is an e-mail solution built specifically for Web3 that works on the basis of the Read2Earn concept. In this article, we will tell you about the project and how you can get 250 EMC Free by Signing Up with Ethermail.


What is Ethermail?

EtherMail is the very first email solution that aims at creating a high benchmark for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. At Ethermail, they send around 32 billion emails on a daily basis. What this project does is that it tackles the problems posed by the traditional emailing system and tried to solve them for the web3 space.


The transfer protocols used by traditional methods can be very vulnerable to phishing attacks and legacy email providers have the ability to survey everything contained in the user’s emails and load this data to their advertising machines. Additionally, traditional emailing lacks complete anonymity in the exchange of information between web3 users and businesses and also makes communication between dApp and traditional emails very challenging due to the absence of decentralization. Ethermail deals with these issues to deliver a far superior experience to all the users. 

Ethermail has been claimed to be a platform that “allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox.” They provide an Inbox that is supported by on-chain data as well as a Wallet Email. Ethermail services guarantee to come with a paywall mechanism very soon that will act like a personalized shielding layer and filter all the spam messages.

This paywall will also incentivize the users when they receive advertising and give them the power to customize it based on their chosen preferences. They are also planning on launching a subscription model and an $EMT token which users are looking forward to. Those who will take part in the ecosystem would be made to hold an EtherMail email address and as a result, will be able to get $EMT through a rewarding system.

Top features of Ethermail 

Some of the other named features apart from the ones mentioned before include 

  • An Auto-pilot Contact List
  • A Web3 based Segmentation system 
  • A Campaign Builder tool 
  • Affiliate Program
  • Self-updating Mailing Lists
  • 100% coverage promises 

Who are building Ethermail ?

The Ethermail team is working towards creating a platform that could serve as a bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0 email communication while granting its users complete ownership as well as sovereignty over their emailing system. This team consists of some of the greatest minds in the industry.

  • Shant Kevonian – CEO, CTO & Founder
  • Gerald Heydenreich – CFO & Founder
  • Sofia Furlotti – Go-To-Market
  • Dmitry Kuvshinskiy – Head Of Marketing
  • Rodrigo Riera Canut – Tech Lead
  • Marc Zamora – Creative Director
  • Guillermo Del Olmo – Business Development
  • Mauro Ordónez – Public Relations

Who are the Investors supporting Ethermail?

Despite being a relatively newer platform, Ethermail has received the attention of many renowned and respected names in the industry that are now supporting the platform. So far they have held two funding rounds and raised a total of 7 million US dollars. In the first seed round that was conducted on July 29, 2022, they received funding of 3 million dollars which was followed by the second seed round on 8th march 2023, where they raised 4 million dollars.

Total funding till date: 7MillionUSD

Their top investors include:

  • The Barcelona Blockchain Network
  • Fabric Ventures
  • Greenfield Capital
  • Rene Reinsberg, Co-founder of Celo
  • Tim Draper (from Draper Associates)

How to get free EMC tokens?

Ethermail is trying to grow its community by attracting more and more users to the platform. As a result, they have promised to give free Web3 Email as well as an opportunity to earn 250 EMC to those users who sign up with them. EMC is essentially the token in which all the rewards in Ethermail’s program will be distributed for the time being, before they launch their native utility token. They have also stated that

“Eventually, these EMC rewards will be converted to $EMT. The EMC: $EMT conversion rate will be defined at the time of token launch, serving as an early adopters incentivization tool to prove the MVP. This conversion rate will fluctuate over time, based on market dynamics.” 

You can follow this step by step guide on how to sign up with the platform:

Steps on How to Sign Up with Ethermail

  • Visit the official website of the Ethermail platform here
  • Scroll down and click on Sign up for Free. 
  • Now click on Connect Wallet to link your preferred wallet to the platform. You can choose from either the Meta Mask wallet or Wallet Connect.
  • Select the wallet of your choice. Click on Approve once you have read all the terms and conditions. After that authorize the pop ups from your wallet and your wallet will be linked 
  • Now you have to press next on the new pop up
  • Next, in the “input your back up email” area you have to enter a secondary email id. 
  • After you have filled in this email, click on next and you would have received around 200 EMC
  • In the following pop up click on “Great” and they will show you that your onboarding was successful
  • Now select Go to Inbox and click on Retrieve encryption keys in the new pop up. 
  • You will receive a prompt from Metamask that you have to approve and sign 
  • Now go to your inbox where you can find welcome emails. In the emails, you will be provided with links that you can use to invite your friends to Ethermail. Every time someone joins Ethermail using this link, you will receive 250 EMC. 


How to earn more EMS rewards?

While we did discuss how you can earn rewards in EMC by signing up and inviting friends, there are some more ways in which you can earn free EMC through Ethermail. Some of these methods are as follows:

  • Going through and reading your emails on Ethermail 
  • Connecting your wallet to get access to your EtherMail Account
  • Completing IMAP connection 

What is the value of 250 EMC tokens?

Since the EMC tokenomics is not out yet, and the token is not trading, it is difficult to predict what will the value of the 250 EMC tokens, you would be getting for free. However, once it trades, I think the price at some point should be close to 25USD or more.

To conclude 

To sum up we would say that Ethermail is a good new project that shows great prospects of becoming huge very soon. They are gradually growing in popularity and are garnering a strong community of active members in an organic way. We do believe that by becoming a part of this platform not only will you get a chance of winning many rewards but you can also profit from the future success of Ethermail. 

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