As of March 29, 2024, CYBER token is trading at $12.84, with a market cap of $141,551,379. Let’s learn more about CYBER token and Cyber price prediction for 2024 and beyond.

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that emphasizes identity sovereignty, aiming for mass adoption and network effects. Based in Palo Alto, California, it provides a platform for users to have control over their online identities and relationships. Its native token, Cyber was listed on Binance on 15th of August 2023. Prior to this, Binance launchpad also introduced CYBER as its 37th launch pool project.

After Binance Labs announced its investment in the decentralized social network CyberConnect, the price of $CYBER token surged by 30.92% in 24 hours. This investment underscores Binance Labs’ belief in SocialFi‘s potential to bring Web3 to the mainstream.

In this article, we delve into the groundbreaking world of CyberConnect, a pioneering web3 social network revolutionizing online interactions through decentralized control, and its native utility and governance token, CYBER, a native utility and governance token.

We expect this token to be bullish in 2024, but can it touch exponential heights in the coming years? Should we hold onto the CYBER token or avoid buying it? Let’s find out.

About CyberConnect

Name CyberConnect
Token ticker CYBER
Price (as of 29th March 2024) $12.84
Circulating Supply 11,038,000 CYBER
market cap
Fully diluted
market cap
Website Click here
Whitepaper Click here

What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect is redefining the concept of social networking with its decentralized approach. This innovative platform empowers developers to craft social applications that grant users ownership of their digital identity, content, and connections. The foundation rests on three core components: CyberProfile, a decentralized digital identity standard; CyberConnect Social Graph, enabling interconnectedness across users’ identities and content; and CyberWallet, an accessible web3 wallet for seamless interactions.

CYBER token price prediction

Centralized social networks have long held control over user data, limiting autonomy and hindering innovation. CyberConnect addresses these issues by offering a new path forward. Through its decentralized protocols, users regain control of their digital lives, and developers gain access to a composable social data layer, fostering innovation while ensuring data ownership. With CyberConnect’s native utility token, CYBER, users can participate in governance, shaping the platform’s evolution. This transformative approach reimagines the digital landscape, fostering autonomy, transparency, and a more equitable online experience.

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What is CyberConnect V3?

CyberConnect V3 is a transformative leap in web3 social networking. With a focus on user empowerment and decentralization, this upgrade redefines digital interactions.

By enabling developers to build social applications that prioritize user ownership of identities, content, and connections, CyberConnect V3 shifts away from centralized control. This transition not only grants users more agency but also supports the growth of independent creators.

With key components like CyberAccount and CyberGraph, CyberConnect V3 is set to deploy across six EVM networks, driving us toward a web3 future that champions user autonomy and a more inclusive online experience.

What is CYBER?

CYBER, CyberConnect’s native utility and governance token, is pivotal in shaping the decentralized ecosystem. Users wield CYBER to influence platform evolution via decentralized governance, aligning with their vision. Besides governance, CYBER facilitates premium CyberProfile purchases, opening doors to decentralized identity, and covers gas fees for seamless cross-chain interactions in the CyberWallet. This integration fosters community ownership, mirroring CyberConnect’s mission for an equitable user-centric social networking sphere.

CYBER embodies decentralization and user empowerment, propelling governance and frictionless interactions. It’s a cornerstone driving CyberConnect’s quest to transform social networking into an equitable and user-centric experience.

Benefits of trading in CYBER

CyberConnect’s mission is to restore user control over digital identity, content, and social data through decentralization. It empowers users and developers with innovative web3 social primitives, evolving from V2 to V3 with valuable lessons. With a global vision, CyberConnect strives for familiarity and accessibility in the decentralized social landscape.

Decentralization combats censorship, promotes creator empowerment, and fosters data interoperability for seamless user experiences. It drives innovation by allowing developers to leverage user data while prioritizing user rights. CyberConnect V3’s launch signifies a leap toward scalability and a multi-chain future.

CYBER token and CyberConnect drive empowerment, ownership, and innovation, reshaping the online landscape into a more equitable, decentralized, and user-centric ecosystem.

CyberConnect Funding

CyberConnect’s visionary approach to web3 social networking has garnered significant support from prominent venture capital firms and strategic investors. Notable backers include XYZ Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and Digital Horizon, who recognize the groundbreaking potential of CyberConnect’s innovations. This robust funding has propelled the development of CyberConnect V3, a testament to the industry’s confidence in the project’s mission to revolutionize social networking, empower users, and usher in a new era of decentralization.

Where to purchase CyberConnect?

You can acquire CYBER tokens through centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Among these, Binance stands out as a prominent choice for buying and trading CyberConnect.

Notably, the CYBER/TRY trading pair on Binance has demonstrated a robust trading volume of $11,032,736 within the past 24 hours.

Additionally, platforms like Upbit and BitMart also offer popular alternatives for obtaining CYBER tokens.

CYBER Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

CyberConnect Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
April 2024 $14.287 $9.525
May 2024 $14.430 $12.025
June 2024 $14.574 $12.145
July 2024 $14.720 $12.267
August 2024 $14.867 $12.389
September 2024 $15.016 $12.513
October 2024 $15.166 $12.638
November 2024 $15.318 $12.765
December 2024 $15.471 $12.892

Throughout the year 2024, the price of CYBER is expected to exhibit dynamic fluctuations. In April, the maximum price is forecasted to be $14.287 with a minimum of $9.525, while December could see a significant surge with the maximum price reaching $15.471 and a minimum stabilizing at $12.892. Traders and investors will closely monitor market dynamics, assessing various factors such as technological advancements, regulatory changes, and market sentiment to navigate the evolving landscape and capitalize on potential opportunities or mitigate risks associated with CYBER’s price volatility.

CYBER Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $15.625 $12.601
February 2025 $15.783 $11.274
March 2025 $15.941 $12.856
April 2025 $12.753 $9.109
May 2025 $13.862 $11.179
June 2025 $16.634 $11.882
July 2025 $16.308 $13.152
August 2025 $19.570 $13.978
September 2025 $19.765 $15.940
October 2025 $17.969 $12.835
November 2025 $18.328 $14.781
December 2025 $18.511 $13.222

Throughout 2025, the price of CYBER is poised for dynamic shifts. January kicks off with a maximum price projection of $15.625 and a minimum of $12.601, setting the tone for a year of fluctuation. As the months progress, from February’s $15.783 maximum to March’s $15.941 high, investors will navigate varying market conditions, weighing factors like technological advancements and regulatory changes to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks. The year culminates with December’s maximum of $18.511 and a minimum of $13.222, reflecting the evolving landscape and the strategies employed by traders to navigate CYBER’s price volatility.

CYBER Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $18.696 $15.078
February 2026 $14.957 $10.684
March 2026 $11.505 $9.279
April 2026 $10.355 $7.396
May 2026 $9.319 $7.516
June 2026 $7.169 $5.121
July 2026 $5.925 $4.778
August 2026 $4.593 $3.281
September 2026 $5.741 $4.630
October 2026 $7.176 $5.126
November 2026 $7.894 $6.366
December 2026 $8.841 $6.315

CYBER Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $10.609 $8.556
February 2027 $9.548 $6.820
March 2027 $8.680 $7.000
April 2027 $9.548 $6.820
May 2027 $10.503 $8.470
June 2027 $8.079 $5.771
July 2027 $6.463 $5.212
August 2027 $5.010 $3.579
September 2027 $6.263 $5.051
October 2027 $7.829 $5.592
November 2027 $8.612 $6.945
December 2027 $9.645 $6.889

CYBER Token Price Prediction 2028, 2029 t0 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $18.326 $14.779
February 2028 $16.493 $11.781
March 2028 $14.994 $12.092
April 2028 $12.745 $9.103
May 2028 $10.705 $8.633
June 2028 $9.732 $6.952
July 2028 $12.165 $9.811
August 2028 $15.693 $11.209
September 2028 $19.617 $15.820
October 2028 $17.833 $12.738
November 2028 $19.617 $15.820
December 2028 $21.971 $15.693
January 2029 $19.617 $15.820
February 2029 $23.078 $16.484
March 2029 $28.848 $23.264
April 2029 $34.343 $24.530
May 2029 $37.329 $30.104
June 2029 $44.795 $31.996
July 2029 $42.662 $34.405
August 2029 $35.551 $25.394
September 2029 $35.907 $28.957
October 2029 $44.884 $32.060
November 2029 $45.333 $36.558
December 2029 $45.786 $32.704
January 2030 $45.333 $36.558
February 2030 $45.786 $32.704
March 2030 $43.606 $35.166
April 2030 $39.641 $28.315
May 2030 $40.038 $32.289
June 2030 $39.641 $28.315
July 2030 $43.606 $35.166
August 2030 $44.042 $31.458
September 2030 $47.570 $38.363
October 2030 $48.045 $34.318
November 2030 $45.758 $36.901
December 2030 $41.598 $29.713

Between 2028 and 2030, the price of CYBER is anticipated to fluctuate considerably. In 2028, prices are expected to range from a high of $21.971 in December to a low of $6.952 in June. The subsequent year, 2029, is projected to witness significant peaks, with prices reaching $45.786 in February, while December sees a low of $15.693. As 2030 unfolds, prices are forecasted to continue their oscillation, peaking at $48.045 in October and hitting a low of $28.315 in April. Throughout this period, investors will adapt their strategies to navigate the volatile nature of CYBER’s market, aiming to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risks.


What is CYBER price prediction for 2025?

Based on our analysis, it’s anticipated that CYBER’s price may follow a consistent upward trend

In 2025, the projected range for CYBER’s price could be between $9.109 and $19.765.

What is CYBER price prediction for 2030?

Looking further ahead to 2030, the forecasted range for CYBER’s price lies between $28.315 and $48.045.

Can I use CYBER for transactions across different blockchains?

Yes, CYBER facilitates gas fee payments within the CyberWallet, ensuring seamless cross-chain interactions for enhanced user experiences.

What differentiates CYBER from other tokens?

CYBER’s unique role in governance, transactions, and ecosystem integration sets it apart, creating a comprehensive tool for platform engagement.

What is the role of CyberProfiles?

CyberProfiles play a pivotal role in CyberConnect by offering users a decentralized digital identity standard. They empower users with ownership over their online presence, interactions, and data. This fosters privacy, data portability, and direct creator-to-audience engagement, aligning with CyberConnect’s goal of reshaping social networking for greater user control.

Can CYBER token ownership lead to platform influence?

Yes, owning CYBER tokens grants users and token holders the power to influence the platform’s evolution through decentralized governance. Proposals for protocol enhancements are subject to community voting, ensuring alignment with users’ collective vision, and making CYBER a key tool for shaping the platform’s future direction.

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Does CYBER have a future?

For those eyeing quick profits, CYBER seems promising. In the long run, it could be a solid performer, but keep in mind the nature of most altcoins: they peak and then often see significant drops.

Once they dip, they usually don’t rebound unless the entire market is on an upswing. Another thing to note is that only 11.038% of CYBER tokens are currently in circulation.

I’m personally thinking to buy some CYBER tokens right now, as the altcoin market is heating up. I might put very small fraction of my portfolio and hold for 3 to 4x gains.

My strategy would be to sell during the market’s peak and pocket the profits.

Whether the CYBER tokens have future or not depends on how the CYBER blockchain project succeed, how many users are they able to gather, and many other unknown factors. But as a crypto investor, we need to try putting money when no one is talking about the project and sell when when the opposite starts happening.

Disclaimer: This article on ‘CYBER Price Prediction 2024, 2025 to 2030‘ is just an estimate. We have done our best to provide you with the best of information related to the Cyberconnect project. Please DYOR before investing. NFA.