Donald Trump who was the 45th US President has undoubtedly always been a very controversial public figure. It was only last year that his wife and the former First Lady of the United States of America launched her own NFT collection, and now Trump has also come up with his very own collection. And now he has announced a NFT collection of 450000 NFT, which he has named as Trump Digital Cards.

Melania’s previous NFT collection

Earlier this year, an NFT collection was launched by Melania and was assumed to be a self serving device of lauding Trump’s own single term presidency. This collection supposedly focused on the highlights or the “iconic” instances from his presidency. Her office put out a statement that said the collection will have “digital artwork that highlights iconic moments from President Trump’s administration,” and that “Collectors will enjoy an element of surprise as the artwork of each NFT is revealed only after purchase.” The entire NFT collection that has been given a creative direction by Melania Trump herself consists of 10 thousand pieces.

The then released NFT collection was termed as “POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection”, where each collectable will had a fixed value of 50 dollars USD. It was launched on February 21st, a date that is set aside as a holiday to honour American presidents. In fact, it is also the very same day when Donald’s Trump much debated social media platform ‘Truth Social” was launched.

The NFT collection was Melania’s first public endeavour post her term as the first lady. It promises to seamlessly convert anything from illustrations to memes into virtual collectable assets that are non fungible and that cannot be duplicated. The collection employs the Solana blockchain and is powered by Parler. Parler is a social networking company that is associated with the right wing.

Trump’s new NFT Collection

Donald Trump NFT

Now Trump has also joined the band wagon and has announced the launch of a new NFT collection on his official Truth Social account. The NFTs will be digital trading cards valued at “only $99!” a piece.

In one of Trump’s statements, he said talking about this new collection that it “Would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!” Trump wrote.” This collection is actually built on the Polygon blockchain and will have 45,000 NFTs minted in the “initial” run.

Donal Trump is seen is various avatars including superhero, gold player, president, golf player and many more.

You can view and purchase Donald Trump NFTs from this website. You can buy the NFTs either via crypto (WETH) or through credit cards. All you need is a wallet to store your NFT. You can either store them on Metamask or Trustwallet or any other self custody crypto wallet.

The collection has a mix of unique, two, five, seven, ten or twenty copies. Completing KYC to purchase Trump NFTs is a must.

Utilities of the Collect Donal Trump NFT Collection:

  1. You could get a sure chance to have a Gala Dinner with Trump in Florida, if you buy 45 NFTs.
  2. Each NFT gets you one entry. You could win thousands of other prizes like a golf game with the President, signed memorabilia etc.

Like any other NFT collections, during purchase, you will not know what NFT are you buying as they will be randomly generated.

You would also not be able to buy more than 100 unique NFTs.