CloneX is the perfect tool if you want to take your favorite NFT avatar with you wherever you go. It is the first portable NFT set, and it was created by the digitized sneaker manufacturer RTFKT (pronounced ‘artifact’). CloneX is one of the most eagerly anticipated NFT projects to have taken place to date. In addition to being equipped for the Metaverse and featuring high-end avatars, it marks the beginning of a community-focused environment that is focused on quality. In a nutshell, the 20,000 NFTs will be suitable for developing content on social media, video games, movies, and other features both within and outside of the metaverse!

It is anticipated that the CloneX series will include 20,000 NFT avatars and that they will be released in mid-November. Pre-sale pricing for an NFT will be fixed at 0.05 ETH because they want to make the pre-sale price as reasonable for collectors as possible in order to reward them for their efforts. In terms of the general public sale, the first batch will consist of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens that will be generated at random. Every collector will be able to obtain a maximum of three Avatars per wallet during the course of the game. All avatar characteristics and characteristics will be chosen at random and displayed after the public vote.

CloneX Video

CloneX Background Story

This project is being driven by three extraterrestrials who are the driving force behind it. This world is located in the vicinity of the Draco galaxy and is referred to as orbitar. Human characteristics and behaviors were cloned and implanted into metaverse clones in an attempt to evolve humans into more complex beings. Humans are no longer present in the advanced civilization, but their clones do exist on the planet that has advanced to this level of development. These clones or avatars are capable of exploring the galaxy in search of new habitats, which is something that many people desire.

CloneX was created in collaboration with Daz 3D, a renowned 3D digital and electronic art and software company, and is the result of their collaboration. With the help of Daz 3D’s PFP Utility Kit, RTFKT Studios has been able to create a diverse collection. Digital avatars will soon be able to dress in a variety of different styles, as well as possess distinctive characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. The implementation of OnCyber will also provide direct access to CloneX Space Pods through the NFTs for users of NFTs. Here you can personalize and enhance your Pods, allowing you to hang out with your clone friends.

Takashi Murakami, a well-known Japanese artist, was also involved in the creation of the Avatars in some capacity. He was able to come up with a wide range of beautiful characteristics with the help of his signature bright colors, which became his trademark. A Murakami fashion property will be included in the collection of each Avatar.

CloneX NFT Roadmap

The primary goal of this road map is to make the metaverse readily available for users of the metaverse to engage in real-world stimulation while in the metaverse. Metaverse has made a 3D file available for download that can be used on a variety of platforms. You are free to dress your clone however you want and to personalize it to your best ability. They’re introducing a new clothing brand in the near future. The ecosystem provides CloneX with direct access to a world-class ecosystem to learn from. In addition to virtual collectibles, you could also purchase real-world collectibles through the game.

It is well-known that the company has a strong social media presence. NFT collectors are overjoyed at the prospect of the upcoming launch of CloneX. Anyone can purchase their non-financial tokens (NFTs).

How to purchase a CloneX NFT?

The full explanation of how to buy a CloneX NFT has yet to be revealed. However, they have stated that the launch will be preceded by a Dutch auction. In a Dutch Auction, the price of an NFT begins at a fixed price and drops by a fixed amount on a regular basis until it reaches its lowest price. This means that minting starts with a high price and gradually drops until the project reaches its resting price or sells out. It’s expected that the dutch auction for the CloneX will begin between 1 and 3 Ethereum.

Clone-X pre-sale event

Only those people who have previously released NFTs from RTFKT studios, such as the Jeff Staples x RTFKT collection, Fewocious x RTFKT, Space drip, and so on, would be eligible for the 48-hour pre-sale. One qualified RTFKT NFT entitles you to three pre-sale purchase opportunities. The official website, as well as social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord, will receive updates on how to purchase the NFT.

Final Thoughts on CloneX NFT: Should you Get in?

RTFKT’s CloneX collection is one of the most anticipated NFT projects, as it can be used across multiple platforms and will be metaverse ready. This contributes to the creation of a thriving ecosystem in the CloneX universe. This project stands out because of its unique concept and backstory. All of these factors indicate that RTFKT’s project has a lot of potential and will succeed in the NFT market. CloneX wowed us, what about you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.