Brine Finance is changing the game in cryptocurrency trading. This decentralized exchange (DEX) has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEXs and CEXs). With a mission to conquer challenges that have hindered DEX adoption, Brine Finance is set to reshape the crypto trading landscape.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies like Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and STARK Proofs, Brine Finance offers a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective trading experience. Its recent $16.5 million Series A funding round, led by Pantera Capital and supported by influential investors, underscores the confidence in its vision.

In this article, we explore Brine Finance’s innovative approach, its successful funding journey, ambitious future plans, and the exciting potential of an upcoming airdrop. Join us on this journey as we uncover how Brine Finance is revolutionizing crypto trading with innovation at its core. 

A Brief Overview of Brine

Brine represents a groundbreaking advancement in the world of cryptocurrency trading, bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEXs and CEXs). At its core, Brine seeks to address the prominent challenges that have deterred users from fully embracing DEXs, such as high gas fees, limited trading pairs, and complex user experiences.

Unlike traditional DEXs, Brine leverages cutting-edge technologies like Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and STARK Proofs to provide a seamless and secure trading experience. This technological prowess empowers users to engage in gasless trading, eliminating the cumbersome gas fees associated with Ethereum-based transactions. With a mere 0.1% trading fee (or less depending on your tier), Brine ensures economical and accessible trading.

One of Brine’s standout features is its end-to-end decentralization, offering unparalleled privacy for all trades through ZKPs. This means your trading history remains confidential, known only to you. Brine’s rapid order execution ensures that you don’t have to wait for trades to be completed, providing a level of speed and convenience akin to centralized exchanges. Moreover, Brine embraces the concept of a cross-chain order book DEX, enabling users to track and trade across multiple networks from a single, user-friendly dashboard. This feature expands the realm of possibilities for traders, offering a wider range of assets and trading pairs. Brine’s commitment to innovation is evident in its future offerings, including Brine Pay for feeless cryptocurrency payments, Pro Mode for real-time DeFi insights, and Cross-chain APIs for effortless fund transfers between different blockchain networks.

In essence, Brine redefines the cryptocurrency trading landscape by combining the best attributes of DEXs and CEXs. It provides a secure, private, and economical platform for traders to execute their transactions with ease, making crypto trading more accessible to all, regardless of their background or location. With Brine, you can focus on trading, confident that the platform will handle the rest, offering a trading experience like no other.

Brine Funding and Investors: How much has Brine Finance Raised?

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Brine Fi has successfully secured $16.5 million in a Series A funding round, elevating its valuation to a noteworthy $100 million. Leading the funding round was Pantera Capital, a renowned blockchain-focused investment firm known for its expertise in the crypto space. Alongside Pantera Capital, several other prominent investors participated in this funding round, including Elevation Capital, an Indian venture capital firm known for its investments in the technology and cryptocurrency sectors.

The roster of investors also includes Starkware, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in zero-knowledge proofs, Spartan Group, known for its active involvement in the crypto and blockchain space, and Goodwater Capital, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage consumer technology companies.

In addition to these institutional investors, Brine Fi attracted support from Upsparks Ventures, Protofund Ventures, and a group of angel investors who recognize the potential of this innovative decentralized exchange.

Founded in 2021 by Shaaran Lakshminarayanan, Ritumbhara Bhatnagar, and Bhavesh Praveen, Brine Fi has rapidly gained traction in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform’s deployment of StarkWare’s Zero Knowledge Proofs (zkP) technology, along with its commitment to providing privacy, speed, and reliability, has garnered interest from both institutional and retail users alike.

The recent funding comes following Brine Fi’s introduction of its orderbook platform, which has achieved impressive monthly volumes of $300 million and now ranks among the top 10 decentralized exchanges globally. With the rise in popularity of decentralized exchanges and concerns about centralized exchanges, Brine Fi is well-positioned to tap into the growing demand for secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective self-custodial crypto trading platforms.

This funding round signifies a significant milestone for Brine Fi, marking its emergence as a key player in the evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem. It not only highlights the platform’s potential but also underscores the confidence that investors have in its vision to provide a superior and secure trading experience for crypto enthusiasts and institutions alike.

Future Plans of Brine Finance

Brine Finance is charting an ambitious path forward in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading. Following its successful Series A funding round, the decentralized exchange (DEX) has set its sights on addressing the changing dynamics of the digital asset industry.

As traders increasingly seek decentralized and non-custodial alternatives in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse, Brine Finance has positioned itself as a viable solution. DEXs like Brine operate entirely on blockchains, offering traders full custody over their assets and potential privacy advantages due to reduced regulatory requirements compared to centralized exchanges (CEXs).

Recognizing the existing challenges in the DEX space, such as higher trading fees, price slippage, liquidity issues, and the absence of order books, Brine Finance aims to bridge the gap between CEXs and DEXs. By offering users access to the benefits of both worlds, Brine Finance seeks to provide a secure and efficient trading experience.

One of Brine Finance’s key differentiators is its use of Zero Knowledge Proofs (zkP) technology, backed by Starkware, to ensure complete privacy on orders and mitigate front-running attacks. This innovative approach appeals to both retail and institutional traders, positioning Brine Finance for growth across user segments.

During its testing phase from February to June 2023, Brine Finance processed over 4 million transactions and achieved a trading volume exceeding $1.6 billion. The platform’s primary emphasis on executing orders within milliseconds, coupled with its unwavering commitment to remaining fully non-custodial, has garnered significant attention from some of the world’s largest hedge funds, exchanges, and high-frequency traders.

However, the DEX space is not without its regulatory challenges, as it operates with reduced KYC and AML requirements. Brine Finance acknowledges the importance of regulatory compliance and has already taken steps to enhance security measures. By working with providers like Chainalysis and Merkle Science, the platform aims to establish a framework for KYC and AML compliance in anticipation of potential future regulations.

In a rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, Brine Finance’s commitment to offering traders security, privacy, and innovative solutions positions it as a significant player in the industry’s future. As it continues to expand its services and adapt to regulatory changes, Brine Finance is poised to provide traders with a secure and efficient alternative for executing cryptocurrency trades.

Brine Finance Airdrop

Brine hints at a forthcoming native token launch accompanied by an airdrop for early adopters. Although Brine Finance’s Alpha Testnet is currently live and operational without its native token, the platform has garnered significant attention for its commitment to providing an instant, gasless, trustless, and secure trading experience. Supported coins include Bitcoin ($BTC), Ether ($ETH), Tether ($USDT), and USD Coin ($USDC). While the specifics of the airdrop remain uncertain, early users participating in the Alpha Testnet actions stand a chance to be rewarded when Brine Finance officially launches its token. With the crypto landscape constantly evolving, this potential airdrop adds an exciting dimension for those interested in the future of decentralized finance. Stay tuned for updates as Brine Finance explores the possibilities of rewarding its users in the crypto space.


With its innovative approach to addressing some of the key challenges faced by both retail and institutional traders, Brine Finance has laid a solid foundation for growth and success.

It offers a compelling alternative by combining the best qualities of CEXs and DEXs. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Zero Knowledge Proofs and STARK Proofs, it empowers users to trade with privacy and security while maintaining control over their assets.

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a notable shift toward DEXs in the wake of recent incidents involving centralized exchanges. Brine Finance has positioned itself to capitalize on this trend by providing a self-custodial execution layer that is faster, more reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. As institutional and mainstream user adoption in decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to grow, Brine Finance is well-equipped to cater to this demand by offering a superior trading experience.

Moreover, Brine Finance’s ability to execute orders in milliseconds, even for large trades from institutional investors, sets it apart in the DEX landscape. This rapid order execution, coupled with its focus on privacy and low trading fees, makes it an attractive choice for a broad spectrum of traders, including hedge funds and high-frequency traders. The platform’s orderbook functionality, cross-chain capabilities, and commitment to providing liquidity contribute to its potential for sustained growth.

As Brine Finance continues to expand its offerings with initiatives like Brine Pay for gasless transactions and Cross-chain APIs for seamless fund transfers between various blockchain networks, its future prospects appear bright. The cryptocurrency market is ever-evolving, and Brine Finance’s dedication to innovation and addressing user needs positions it as a significant player in shaping the future of crypto trading. With a strong backing from prominent investors and a commitment to user-centric solutions, Brine Finance is poised to make a lasting impact in the cryptocurrency space, providing accessible, inexpensive, and reliable trading for all.