Brett Lee, an Australian cricketer, donates 1 BTC to the crypto relief fund in order to help India fight back #Covid19. Brett Lee in his Twitter account, posted a screenshot calling India his second home.

Brett Lee on Twitter said today, ”India has always been like a second home to me. The love and affection that I have got from the people of this country both during my professional career and even after my retirement, holds a special place in my heart. It saddens me deeply to see people suffering due to the ongoing pandemic.

I feel privileged to be in a position of making a difference and with than in mind, I’d like to donate 1 BTC (Bitcoin) to Crypto Relief to help with the purchase of oxygen supplies for the hospitals across India.

Now is the time to be united and ensure we do as much as we can.”

He also congratulated Patt Cummins, another Australian cricketer for donating 50000 USD to #PMCares Fund

Sandeep Nailwal from Matic and Balaji took the lead and CEOs, mainly from the crypto and tech companies from all over the world joined the campaign.

So far, the campaign helped raise $2,201,618.70 USD which can be checked here

If you would like to donate, check the link

On behalf of our community, we would like to thank both of you for contributing to the cause. So proud.