The cryptocurrency exchange Binance now lets customers use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make purchases on its platform. Update on Binance Build

The cryptocurrency exchange revealed that the two payment methods had been integrated into its platform in its most recent Binance Build upgrade. Customers can now use Apple Pay or Google Pay to purchase bitcoins a result. The upgrade has already been put into place, and preliminary feedback suggests that the new feature is functioning as intended. 

Increasing The Accessibility of Crypto

Due to Apple Pay’s 44 million active users and Google Pay’s 25 million active users, this development would be beneficial for bringing in more clients to Binance. These two payment systems are the most widely used worldwide and are ranked first and second in terms of total users. By including these two payment options, Binance and cryptocurrency, in general, will become more accessible to a far larger potential client base. Users that confirm that the feature functions and have been successfully tested are all over sharing their experiences on Twitter.

This update has the possibility to bring in the newest cryptocurrency users for Binance and the industry as a whole. The truth remains, nevertheless, that not all nations on earth have access to these two payment methods. How Binance intends to improve accessibility in these areas is still unknown.

Other crypto companies are also utilizing Apple Pay

Binance isn’t the first cryptocurrency company to use more widely used payment methods. Other cryptocurrency systems like MetaMask have included Apple Pay directly. In March 2022, this cryptocurrency wallet integrated Apple Pay into its platform, making it the primary means to connect with the Ethereum blockchain (Web3 dApps, DeFi, NFTs). To give users a simpler payment alternative, another cryptocurrency wallet, Klever, also implemented Apple Pay capabilities back in April 2021.