We saw a crash in the crypto market today. Some coins dipped for more than 30 percent and then went back up. Was this a correction or the bear market started, we do not know. I however think this was a major correction that was much needed.

We can’t expect Green candles everyday. Also this serves as a reminder, why booking profits is very important and why you should have USDT in your portfolio. Having USDT in your portfolio enables you to buy the DIP. And you may see instant rise in the portfolio by 5-10 percent. 


Generally when there is a BIG dip, we see the market revive back. If you want to make a quick profit, having USDT or any other stablecoin is important.

Also, this is the time, when you should add more funds in your portfolio and not when you see Green candles.

Now, back to the topic. Let us discuss which coins is worth buying today:

Top 5 Altcoins worth Buying During Dips: April 2021

First thing first, it is not a financial advise. Please do your own research before putting money in crypto. Crypto is highly volatile and you may make or lose a good percentage of your portfolio in no time. 

Now, let’s look into the best altcoins worth buying at dips.


I would consider adding Chainlink in the DIP. From 40+ USD, it fell down to 30 and now trading around 35 USD. Link is a good buy in any DIP.


Ethereum is another coin, worth adding to your portfolio. These dips gives you the perfect entry point. Fear not and just BTFD. If you want to know how to buy Ethereum, read this article.


Litecoin can be a great addition at this point. I can’t say the same during all the DIPS. But getting any entry in Litecoin now, can give some real good results.


Uniswap V3 is going to be launched in some time. And I am expecting the price to jump. Also, UNI has contributed to the #DEFI movement and I think it is worth adding to your portfolio. However, the allocation would be small.

Any coin from your portfolio: Ada, NEO, whatever you want

You may already be holding a lot of coins in your portfolio. Try DCA averaging. I would stick to large cap alts though. Ensure they are not at the peak, like DOGE. I just shared a post on Doge yesterday which you could read here.

You can comment down below and share the altcoin with us and we will surely share our views with you. 

Before I conclude, I would like to say, Binance is not the exchange you would want to trade, if you are a daily trader. For holders, Binance is best. The reason why I do not recommend you to use Binance if you are a day trader is because during high fluctuations, Binance usually goes down and you won’t be able to buy or sell your positions. It would freeze. You must have experienced in many times. But still we stick with Binance because we think there are no better alternative. What if I tell you there is? 


FTX is one of the best crypto exchanges that I love trading. I have not seen FTX go down, although Binance, Huobi and many other sites were all down together. You got to love the FTX team for putting up such a useful trading platform. Sign up and you will start loving it too.

Before I conclude, I would like to say BITCOIN is a must buy coin in every dip. I have not mentioned Bitcoin because here we wanted to talk about alts.