AcknoLedger is the next big name in the NFT ecosystem. It has brought in a new avenue with 1000x new users and aspires to distribute Web 3.0 Digital Assets across all Gaming NFTs and Metaverse.

AcknoLedger plans to be a Global Consortium that will be accessible for both public and private sectors and authenticate content ownership and Intellectual Property rights as Non-Fungible Tokens. Its Universal Content Number Scheme (UCNS) system will be distributed across all NFT platforms and Metaverses to create an NFT Ecosystem and a Circular Economy along with AI engines to mitigate plagiarism challenges.

AcknoLedger will list on Pancakeswap on 28th October 2021 at 12 PM UTC.

Acknoledger concluded their IDO on Seedify yesterday and the second round got over in less than 3 minutes. Most of the Seedify projects have done well. We are expecting the same for ACK.

What does AcknoLedger do?

AcknoLedger is striving to be the nervous system of Web 3.0 Digital Assets. Here are a few principles of this budding NFT Ecosystem.

1. Mapping Assets

Indexes all NFTs across all the Blockchain Gaming, NFT Marketplaces,  Metaverses. This will help the collectors to leverage the insights for better decision-making.

2. Monetizing

AcknoLedger helps monetize the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content as NFTs through their APIs and channels.

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3. Distribution

AcknoLedger also works on marketing and distribution of content across multiple Metaverses by tracking and mapping interoperability and look into trading opportunities for retail and institutional investors.

What makes it different?

While we still wait for the upcoming IDO, here are a few distinguishing features of AcknoLedger.

  1. Interoperability check on NFTs across all gaming and Metaverse platforms.
  2. Plagiarism check and Lifecycle tracking of NFTs
  3. Scarcity, utility, and social proof tracking of NFTs through UCNS
  4. Providing new methods of revenue for NFT collectors, including leveraging arbitrage opportunities, brand promotions, and trending opportunities.


Here’s a brief on the AcknoLedger Tokenomics:

Token Name: $ACK

Total Token Supply:  117,718,487

Community Sales: 20%

Initial Market Capitalization: $737.6K

Public Sale Price: 0.10 USD

Seed Fund: $180K

Strategic Fund: $540K

Token Utilities

  1. Promotions of Projects across NFT and Content airdrops
  2. Yield Farming and Staking Rewards
  3. Listing NFT on Universal Content Number Scheme 
  4. Participate in UCNS Governance, and access premium features

Core team and Advisors behind AcknoLedger

A strong panel of advisors includes Demelza Hays (Head of Research, Cointelegraph), Chandresh Aharwar(CEO Unilend, Ex-Matic (Polygon), Garlam Won(Co-Founder Genesis Shards, Ex- Harmony), and Niloptal Mukherjee (Co-Founder Genesis Shards, Ex- Marlin Labs).

This platform is supported by industry leaders like International Blockchain Council (IBC), and VCs like Magnus Capital, Shima Capital, Krypital Groups, etc. They plan on collaborating with publications, universities, colleges, and research and tech organizations, and individual contributors to create and monetize content in a way that every contributor is well compensated. 

This big addition to the NFT Ecosystem plans on introducing branch chains and ACK APIs integrated with NFT platforms across all domains, be it Blockchain Gaming, Music, Literature, or artwork. 

To sum this up, AcknoLedger enables you to sell digital assets like Non-Fungible Tokens across Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse. This will open a new portal for more than 1000x investors in Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse.

ACK Moonsheet

Should you buy ACK (Acknoledger tokens)?

ACK is not live yet. If you are on telegram you may get a lot of listing news via DM. All of those DM’s are scam. Only verify the listing and the contract address from official sources. The contract address is not live yet.

I like the industry ACK is in: Metaverse and Gaming. The use cases are unique. We expect ACK to do well on listing. I like the VCs that are supporting the project. So yes, for me, it is definitely a mid term hold project. If you do not have ACK tokens, generally after listing, once the private investors get their tokens, some of them book some profits and that may give you the best opportunity to buy the ACK tokens. Metaverse industry is just getting started and the next rapid growth in crypto is expected around Metaverse.