With the growing popularity of online trading and the rise of the cryptocurrency market, it’s no surprise that traders are searching for a platform that can meet all of their needs. And that’s exactly what Torobase provides: a powerful and user-friendly trading platform with Open API for algorithmic traders.


What is Torobase?

Torobase is a cutting-edge online trading platform that offers traders a world-class trading experience, complete with top-notch features and a range of benefits. With Torobase, traders can trade forex and cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence, and take advantage of the market’s opportunities like never before.

Torobase Leverage and Spreads

One of the key advantages of Torobase is its high leverage ratio, which allows traders to trade with a much larger amount of capital than they would with other platforms. With leverage up to 1:3000, traders can maximize their profits and take advantage of market volatility and momentum. And with tight spreads starting from just 0.1 pips, Torobase ensures that traders can trade with low costs and high efficiency.

Torobase Commissions

Another great feature of Torobase is its zero-commission trading. Unlike other platforms that charge commission fees, Torobase makes its profits from the tight spreads, ensuring that traders can trade with maximum profitability.

Instant Execution, No Minimum Deposit

With Torobase, traders can be sure that their trades will be executed instantly and at the best possible price, thanks to the platform’s instant execution feature. And with no minimum deposit required, traders can start trading with ease and without any barriers.

2-Factor Security

At Torobase, the security of traders’ funds is a top priority. To ensure the highest level of security for all accounts, Torobase has implemented a 2-factor authentication system. This system provides an extra layer of security to protect traders’ assets. 

Torobase Open API

In addition to security, Torobase offers an Open API (RESTful API) that allows traders to access their data and use it in custom applications. Such Open API is ideal for advanced algorithmic trading and the development of trading robots. With the Open API, traders can integrate their trading accounts with third-party applications, providing even more flexibility and control over their trading.

Algorithmic Trading

Torobase fully supports professional algorithmic trading, so traders can take advantage of advanced trading techniques and strategies to maximize their profits. And with accounts accessible 24/7 from the web, Android, and iOS, traders can stay up-to-date with their trading and account balance, no matter where they are.

Easy and Fast Registration

Signing up for Torobase is fast, easy, and completely online. All you need to do is provide some basic personal identification, and you’ll be ready to start trading in no time.

Demo and Live Accounts Available

For those who are new to trading, Torobase offers demo accounts, so traders can practice their trading strategies before going live. And for those who are ready to start trading with real money, live accounts are available, giving traders the confidence they need to succeed.

In conclusion, Torobase is the ultimate trading platform for forex and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With its high leverage, tight spreads, zero commission, instant execution, no minimum deposit, 2-factor security, open API, algorithmic trading support, mobile access, easy and fast registration, and demo and live accounts, Torobase provides traders with everything they need to succeed in the market. 

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