Maincard and Myria, two popular platforms in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have recently teamed up in order to push the popularity of NFTs to the next level. Maincard is a Web3 sports prediction game that launched on the Polygon network the day before the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The platform provides users with novel gameplay dynamics, the ability to earn rewards, and the support of NFTs. To celebrate the launch on its mainnet, Maincard organized a prize fund draw of 6,000 MATIC tokens to be given to the top and most active players on

The partnership between Maincard and Myria is a significant moment for the industry, as it demonstrates the scalability and security of the Ethereum L2 solution. Myria is a trusted platform that is laser-focused on bringing gaming into the future, while taking advantage of the benefits that blockchain technology can imbue to the industry. Moreover, Myria is the home of several games, such as Metarush, Metakart, and Block Royale. 

Merging the worlds of sports with the benefits of the blockchain

The addition of a Web3 sports prediction app to Myria’s portfolio highlights its potential and scalability. Maincard offers users the chance to speculate on the outcome of sporting fixtures against one another and receive rewards via cryptocurrency or NFTs for making correct predictions.

The platform, while Polygon based, is compatible with other EVM chains and is currently working on adding an NHL sportsbook to its repertoire, as well as other sports like soccer, basketball, and the League of Legends esports scene. Maincard’s founders came up with the idea of spurring Web3 adoption via gaming and just six months later launched the platform on their main net, and are now confident that the play-and-earn nature of their platform will appeal to the global audience of sports fans and enthusiasts.

In the future, Maincard plans to make its currency, MainCoins, available on various exchanges in Q1 2023, and continue to expand its selection of sports.