Purchasing about 2,395 Bitcoins for $42.8 million between November 1 and December 21 through its MacroStrategy subsidiary, MicroStrategy (MSTR), the business software provider that was co-founded by crypto enthusiast Michael Saylor, increased its Bitcoin (BTC) stockpile, as per a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.

In the last two months, the business has paid upwards of $55 million purchasing Bitcoin.

The company’s average buying price per coin has decreased to $30,397 following the most recent round of purchases. Since the summertime of 2020, it has spent slightly over $4 billion purchasing bitcoin. 

Michael Saylor, the chairman, tweeted about the acquisitions as well. As of Dec. 27, MicroStrategy’s entire bitcoin holdings were about 132,500, according to the company. The most recent acquisitions were made as the bitcoin’s value fell to its historic lows in far more than two years due to the failure of FTX as well as other cryptocurrency businesses, the company said.

MicroStrategy revealed the transactions in two parts: 2,395 coins were bought between November 1 and December 21, and an additional 810 coins were bought on December 24. The average cost per coin for the coins bought on Christmas Eve was nearly $1,000 less than the cost per coin for the previous batch. This represents an increase of approximately 1.9% of their total holding.

MicroStrategy has bought Bitcoin on the whole over this time, but it has also chosen to sell a part of its stockpile. 

According to the petition, the corporation traded 704 bitcoins worth $11.8 million at an average cost of about $16,776 each. Comparing that to its typical buying price of little over $30,000 per coin, that is a loss of about 50%.

Since the beginning of October, MicroStrategy has also earned around $46.4 million by trading shares of its stock, the business revealed.

Current BTC Holding of Microstrategy: Microstrategy and its subsidiaries now hold, 132500 BTC at at average price of $30,397 per BTC. Till date, the company has spent a whooping $4.03 billion to acquire 132500 BTC.