After what happened between WazirX and Binance, a lot of crypto investors have lost their faith on WazirX. Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX has emerged as the biggest and safest in the country.

Security and user experience were taken into consideration when building the exchange.

Users enjoy a quick on-boarding process thanks to the quick completion of the KYC and bank account verification processes.

By using the Net Banking option, how do I deposit money on CoinDCX?

  • From the app’s main screen, select Funds.
  • Choose the selection, then type in your selected amount.
  • Copy the necessary information, such as the account number, IFSC code, beneficiary name, and remarks, then add the recipient to your banking app in order to send money.
  • Your verified mobile number must be included in the Transaction Message when transferring since this speeds up the transaction verification process.
  • Copy your payment’s Transaction ID from the banking app or UPI applications once you’ve made the payment.
  • Return to the app and add the Transaction ID there before clicking Submit.
  • When your deposit has been finished, you will be informed via email or alerts.


How can I make a deposit with the Bank Transfer option?

  • Using the app’s home screen, select Funds.
  • Choose the Bank Transfer choice after entering your selected amount.
  • To send money using your banking app, copy the recipient information, including the beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code.
  • When transferring, it is necessary to include your registered phone number in the transaction message as this speeds up transaction verification.
  • Once the payment has been completed, copy the Id Number from the banking app.
  • Return to the CoinDCX app, enter the Transaction ID there, and then select Submit.
  • As soon as your transaction is finished, you will receive a notification by email or other means.

Does the INR deposit have a fee?

You can use the Bank Transfer option using NEFT or RTGS to deposit INR with no additional fees into your CoinDCX wallet. As an exchange, CoinDCX levies NO fees. However, in order to access the INR deposit/withdrawal features, customers are compelled to finish their KYC.

What is the maximum and minimum INR deposit amount?

In order to use the INR deposit/withdrawal capabilities, users are needed to complete their KYC.

  • INR 750 as a minimum
  • INR 51,000 as the maximum

The restrictions apply only to one transaction. Deposits are not subject to a daily cap.

Money can be transferred several times per day. As soon as your bank has finished the money transfer, money will be added to your account. Typically, depending on the bank, this takes 2-4 working hours.