DCG leads $205M growth fund for The GraphBengaluru, February 17, 2022: Data indexing protocol on the blockchain To entice new developers to its platform, The Graph recently proposed the opening of a 205M USD ecosystem fund, suggesting that investment firms are indeed enthusiastic in sponsoring growth funds focussed on decentralised apps. The Graph’s mainnet became live in December 2020, as well as prominent DeFi protocols as well as EVM-centric chains are already using it.

DCG, Multicoin Capital, Reciprocal Ventures, GCC, as well as HashKey all contributed to the ecosystem fund. The fund’s stated purpose is to assist important tasks in The Graph’s environment in learning and expanding more quickly.

About The Graph

Cryptocurrency The Graph
Ticker Symbol GRT
Price $0.45
Price Change 24h -12.20%
Price Change 7d -2.79%
Market cap $2,766,709,892
Circulating Supply 6,157,231,561 GRT
Trading Volume $148,705,906
All time high $2.88
All time low No Data
The Graph ROI No Data

Beginning with Ethereum, The Graph is a decentralised system for indexing as well as querying data from blockchains. It allows you to query data that would otherwise be hard to get directly.

Information is stored on the Ethereum blockchain by projects with complicated smart contracts, such as Uniswap, as well as NFTs efforts, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, making it extremely hard to comprehend anything besides basic data straight from the blockchain.

You could alternatively create your own server, execute transactions locally, record them to a database, and afterwards create an API endpoint on top of it all to query the data. This solution, on the other hand, is resource heavy, requires maintenance, creates a single point of failure, as well as compromises key security qualities essential for decentralisation.

Finality, chain reorganisations, and uncled blocks all hinder this procedure, making it not only time demanding but also conceptually difficult to extract right query answers from blockchain data.

The Graph overcomes this problem with a decentralised protocol that indexes blockchain information and allows for quick and efficient querying. A normal GraphQL API could then be used to query these APIs (indexed “subgraphs”). There is already a hosted service and also a decentralised protocol that performs the same functions. Both are supported by the Graph Node open source implementation.

HashKey Capital’s executive managing director, Deng Chao, indicated that the company could offer the help and services to decentralised application developers while also startups pursuing institutional access to markets. As a member for The Graph, DCG would help to encourage the ecosystem’s advancement in the fields of decentralised banking as well as the Virtual world.

The Graph Foundation has brought important funding to its programmer community in order to further expand its technological capabilities. In December, the foundation awarded a 60M USD grant to Semiotic AI to extend the program’s ai – based planning and engineering capability.In almost the same month, The Guild, another api Management infrastructure, acquired 48M $ in investment.

DCG leads $205M growth fund for The Graph

Having followed a career high year and in 2021, financing for blockchain and crypto projects continues to rise this yearNumerous nine-figure funding agreements have lately been disclosed, including 200M USD sums for Alchemy as well as Aleo, a 450M USD round for Polygon, as well as a 109M USD investment round between bitcoin wallet Phantom.

Is it wise to invest in The Graph coin?

Yes, in 2022, The Graph is a good investment. The ideal moment to buy The Graph token, according to the predictions, is now. GRT’s price was showing a negative signal a few days ago, and it dropped below $0.6. However, it has regained its lost momentum and may potentially register a substantial increase.

It’s primary purpose is to guarantee speed. A decentralised platform just brings speed to the scientific formula of safety, resulting in a platform that the public trust. Furthermore, notwithstanding the indicated resistance level, the support level exists. Before investing, you can examine the previous month’s performance or perhaps the security features on the Graph’s official site for reference purposes.