ConsenSys raises $450M in Series D funding, doubles valuation in four months


Bengaluru, March 15, 2022: On Tuesday, ConsenSys, one of the major Ethereum and decentralised protocols software firm with the aid of  MetaMask, Infura, and Truffle amongst product suites, declared that they had completed the $450 million Series D financing round which was led by ParaFi Capital. Amongst some of the notable initial investors include Temasek, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Microsoft, Anthos Capital, Sound Ventures, as well as C Ventures. The company’s valuation has about risen twice a time ever since its $200 million Series C fundraising in the month of November 2021.

About ConsenSys 

A very well known and one of the famous Ethereum software companies is ConsenSys. They enable application developers, companies, and individuals all across the world to develop next level and succeeding applications, by implementing and employing modern infrastructure, and make the decentralised web accessible. The company’s product suite serves and allows millions of customers, manages billions of dollars in virtual assets, as well as allows its clients to be doing billions of blockchain-based requests. Ethereum appears to have been the broadest blockchain which is programmable in the cryptocurrency market, with both the strongest developer community as well as DeFi activity. Upon that they are also developing the digitalised economy of the modern era.

The round’s revenues would’ve been convertible to Ether (ETH) to equalise ConsenSys’ treasury’s ETH to US dollar equivalent proportion. To use its own financial infrastructure, the business is currently seeking yields on these types of assets through decentralised financing (DeFi), protocols, and staking. The funds could perhaps be utilised to extend MetaMask, with something like a significant relaunch expected later in the year of 2022, including the creation of a plug-in extension framework which would enable integration with that kind of a diverse set of blockchain protocols and also account security schemes.

In the month of January, MetaMask surpassed 30 million monthly active subscribers, representing a 42 percent growth in just 4 months. The wallet might be used by customers to produce as well as acquire non-fungible tokens, and also they can join decentralised autonomous companies and also could participate in DeFi protocols. Over 430,000 programmers are using the Ethereum development platform widely known as Infura. Its Ethereum API currently supports an on-chain ETH transaction volume of much more than $1 trillion per year.

Joseph Lubin is currently the co-founder of Ethereum and also the founder of ConsenSys. He’s gained recognition for himself as a thought leader throughout the emerging blockchain industry as well as a strong proponent for decentralised technologies. The hereunder is what Joseph Lubin had to say about just the development:

“I envision ConsenSys like a broad as well as deep abilities machine for said decentralised protocols ecosystem, capable of capitalising at mass on fundamental new structures as they emerge.” This viewpoint has been shared by our cryptocurrency native as well as growth partners in a Series D round, which again will allow us to implement robust expansion initiatives.”