MetaMask, the premier Web3 wallet, has joined forces with, backed by India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns, to bring seamless access to the world of cryptocurrency to Indian users.

With this partnership, Indian users will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly from within the MetaMask app by utilizing’s API, which offers support for popular local payment methods such as UPI and IMPS.

This integration will streamline the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency in India, making it faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient.

Despite the growth of the cryptocurrency market in India, with increasing number of exchanges and platforms entering the space, the smooth operation of crypto transactions in the country has been challenged by the absence of a real-time payment infrastructure and a lack of consensus.

By integrating with, MetaMask has removed the hindrance of a lack of consensus and real-time payment infrastructure in India, making it easier for Indian users to access and utilize decentralized applications and the advantages of blockchain technology.

The collaboration between MetaMask and is viewed as a major step towards promoting the extensive utilization of blockchain technology in India. The Indian government’s recent focus on digital payments has heightened the potential for the integration of UPI and blockchain technology to broaden the scope and influence of this cutting-edge technology.

We believe this partnership will make it easier for Indian users to access and use decentralized applications

said Gaurav Dahake, CEO of

We are thrilled to work with MetaMask and drive the adoption of blockchain technology in India.

Lorenzo Santos from MetaMask, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying,

This integration will make it easier for Indian users to access the Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB networks and use decentralized applications. We believe this will help drive the adoption of blockchain technology in India.

To utilize for funding their MetaMask wallet, users just need to log in to the Mobile MetaMask app, select UPI or IMPS as their payment method, enter the desired amount and token to purchase, and click or tap the Buy button. The process is designed to be simple and straightforward for users.

To sum up, the partnership between MetaMask and marks a major advancement in the integration of blockchain technology in India.

By providing Indian users with the ability to buy crypto directly through the MetaMask mobile app with the support of local payment options like UPI and IMPS, this collaboration streamlines the process, making it quicker, more cost-effective, and smoother.

It also tackles some of the obstacles encountered by crypto users in India, thereby amplifying the influence and scope of blockchain technology in the region.